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Naptune Ecosystem Network Milestone Internet Marketing

Ecosystem Network

Naptune was built from the ground up, with the goal of delivering clients substantial marketing revenue.  We developed the software internally and established an external partner network comprised of high quality and high impact Business Directories and Data Aggregators. In our Reporting you can see the individual impact from each partner, how the partner displays your business, what developments are in the works, and your overall UNAP strength across multiple channels.

What makes Naptune different?

Naptune takes the quality over quantity approach. Instead of putting your business listing in many unreliable directories with low traffic and the potential for going out of business, we work with the highly relevant directories. Naptune focuses on putting your business information in the most important data aggregators and directories in the Local Search Ecosystem.

Naptune ensures:

Information Consistency

Business name, address, phone number and URL consistency

Your business listing is accurate and consistent across all major directories and data aggregators. Duplicate listings are removed or merged. Your business information is enhanced by adding all of the available fields of information.
Verification and Curation of Data

Verification and Curation
of Data

Since NAP is one of the most crucial ranking factors, Naptune continuously checks for the consistency of critical data. Plus, our data is manually curated and verified by the Milestone Naptune team before any enhancements are implemented. Data enhancement means that we gather and store all the information about your business in one place. Then, we provide as much data as each partner allows, giving you the optimal listing with each partner.
Aggregation of Enhanced Business Information

Aggregation of Enhanced Business Information

Businesses can easily store, enhance and manage their most relevant data fields in Naptune. Consistent information is submitted to all of our partners. With Naptune, there is no need to worry about custom submissions, as we have already mapped which fields each of our partners allow.
Naptune Local Integration

Google+ Local Integration

Naptune is integrated with Google+ Local. With our tool, you can review your listing status and see if your listing has been merged and verified. Want to manage your Google+ posts as well? You can. Businesses can also post on their Google+ Local merged profile through Milestone's proprietary tool, Media Connect. Naptune also maintains the full status of your Google+ Local profile, including a post count and latest post information.
Identification of Onsite Venues

Identification of
Onsite Venues

Businesses often times have multiple venues operating in the same location and Naptune is able to manage and identify these venues including restaurants and spas often found within the hotel. Stop calls to the reception desk about spa reservations, and just route them to the correct phone number by updating the information in Naptune.
Optimized Data Automatic Updates

Optimized data automatic updates

You don't need to worry about directory changes or updates. We take care of submitting all additional data for you. You just watch your online authority grow by looking at our Naptune Dashboard, which only takes 5 minutes a day.