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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is UNAP Strength?

A:   UNAP Strength is an aggregated score that represents how strong & consistent your business listing is across all of the important local search channels.

Q: What if my business is not found on the directory?

A:   Naptune will automatically update your business information across all of the directories included in your plan.  Bear in mind that it does take some time for the directories to publish your business listing.

Q: How long does it usually take for my business information to update on these directories?

A:   It differs by directory, it can range from instantaneous to 60 days.

Q: What are enhanced listings and why are they important?

A:   Four core elements, URL, Name, Address, and Phone (UNAP), are essential for an online existence. In addition to these basic elements, attributes like photos, hours of operation, business description, unique selling points, etc present a well optimized and enhanced listing. Studies explain that users who see more information included in a listing are more likely to trust the business, visit or purchase from that location. More information can be found in this Google study on complete business listings.